Why We Don't take Insurance

Autonomy, Transparency, Quality

Insurance companies have the power to deny the care you need.

Insurance companies can limit your number of visits and refuse services you and your provider deem beneficial. Cutting out insurance increases your autonomy, giving you more control over your health.

Insurance companies will try to pay as little as possible.

In the insurance model, clinicians deliver health-care services, then the insurance company decides what, when, and how much they will pay the clinician back. Insurance companies are reimbursing health care providers less and less. This trend pushes some companies to make ends meet by providing unnecessary treatment. By declining to accept insurance, we encourage transparency: the treatment you get is the treatment you need!

Insurance company bureaucracy and paper work costs time and resources.

Dealing with the forms, rules, and regulations of insurance takes time away from patient care and costs a lot of money. Clinicians must juggle insurance paperwork and regulations while seeing multiple patients. This distracts us from our job... helping you. Our approach provides you with individually focused, quality care.

Patient-centered care means a better experience!

We understand that, for some, paying out of pocket is difficult. Cost should not be a barrier to care. Ally Wellness operates on a transparent, sliding scale system. Rates are negotiable and based on individual circumstances. We ask clients to make an honest assessment of what they can invest in their care. This approach allows us to provide services to community members in need of low and cost care.

If you cannot pay full cost, you still deserve treatment. Please contact us for options.