About Ally Wellness

Why Ally?

...Because Your body needs an Ally

ALLY: A person that helps and supports someone in a difficult situation.

It's difficult when your body does not work or feel the way you want.

Ally Wellness can help.

About The Founder

Hello! Thank you for your interest in Ally Wellness. I am Doctor Alise Parrish (they/them) , founder of Ally Wellness. "Ally" was founded for 3 reasons:

To provide compassionate care for people like me. As a patient and provider, I know the importance of working with a clinician who respects and appreciates the experience of Black, Brown, and Queer persons. I strive for an inclusive practice that is accessible to traditionally marginalized individuals and our allies.

To apply a whole-person approach when treating rather then reducing and labeling patients with a list of diseases and conditions.

To liberate patients from the confines of profit/insurance-driven care.

Fun facts about the founder :

-Alise was born in Philly, grew up in Cheltenham.

- Alise was a Fishmonger and loves to butterfly fish!

-Alise navigated a 1500 TON oceanographic research vessel.

-Alise is the proud roommate of two talkative, orange Cats

-Want to know more; check out their Resume


Ally Wellness provides Physical Therapy and Personal Training services. We work to meet the patient's needs and offer online, outdoor, or in-home sessions. Ally Wellness works to place autonomy back in patient care - we do not take insurance and we are proud to share why.